Sectors of activity

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Today, the aerospace sector is the speciality of STS Groupe. With a wealth of experience based on over 30 years of development, rigour on all points is at the centre of company policy.

Its approval as a “disability-friendly company” associated with the world of aerospace subcontracting is a real sign of quality and professional expertise.


Military defense is a strategic business area for STS Groupe. Drawing on its experience and development over the last three decades, the company places rigorous performance at the heart of its policy, in terms of both operations and quality.

Thanks to its specialization in aeronautics and its accreditation as an “adapted company”, STS Groupe embodies a genuine guarantee of quality and expertise in the defense sector. By collaborating with military forces, the company highlights its cutting-edge business skills, guaranteeing robust, reliable solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

With its qualified and passionate team, STS Groupe positions itself as a privileged partner of the defense industry. The company’s mastery of cutting-edge technologies and constant commitment to innovation enable it to offer high-performance products and services in line with the sector’s most stringent current and future requirements and development needs.


The strength of STS Groupe is its capacity to adapt its offer to the market. A close collaborator with all industrial environments, STS Groupe constantly monitors the latest innovations and market trends.

Its expertise enables it to offer everything from simple service to a global offer (from procurement to delivery). Its competence as an industrial relay for startups ensures it has all the qualities necessary to accompany them in these new sectors. Drones and urban furniture are, for example, among its sectors of interest.

Its R&D department also enables STS to carry out prototyping as needed.


Composites are increasingly present in the paramedical sector. STS Groupe has chosen to offer its expertise to these professionals of the health sector. From medical tables to the installation of treatment centres, STS Groupe aims to become an essential player in the paramedical sector.