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The evolution from STS to STS GROUPE

STS Groupe specialises in the design and manufacture of parts in composite materials for the aerospace, energy, paramedical, rail and industrial sectors. STS Groupe is also expert at the cutting of flexible materials and assembly (all types of materials).

Created in 1988 by Michel Mazars and taken over by his son Stephan Mazars in 2008, now CEO, Groupe Société Technic’Services comprises over 120 employees in two sites in Aveyron.


Creation of STS – Industrial Activity – MICHEL MAZARS – 3 employees

Aerospace orientation – 25 employees

€130k investment – 800 m2 dust-free room – 30 employees

ISO9001 Certification – 40 employees

Creation of the Purchasing and Methods department. ERP software

EN9100 Certification 

Changement de direction. Stéphan MAZARS

€1.4m investment – 1500 m2 extension

Development of overall service

Space project, Industrial performance – Creation of STS GROUPE, 102 employees.

External growth. Purchase of ALTARIVA, renamed TSI. Purchase of a 3400 m2 building in Capdenac.

Establishment of TS in Capdenac. €1m investment

STS Groupe invests €3.5m in all its sites

STS Groupe is turning 30

The main assets of Groupe STS

Well-defined organisation
A well-established quality control system
Company size that enables great reactivity
A well-managed process in project mode
Supply chain management
Substantial resources available to fulfil all types of contracts
Expert teams in their respective sectors
Effective cross-cutting approach between production and finance
A socially responsible group: approved as an “Entreprise Adaptée” (disability-friendly company)

Key figures

of experience
of turnover
of employees with recognised disabilities

Implantation and Organization

Certifications & Qualifications
All STS Groupe sites are certified for international standards of quality

Major 1st and 2nd tier providers for aerospace and industrial sub-contracting, STS Groupe holds a large number of specialised processes that have been qualified by its clients (UTC AEROSPACE, SAFRAN, THALES, etc.)

In addition, several certifications are in progress:

  • NADCAP Paintwork certification
  • MASE certification
  • Gold Supplier Qualification

Our quality department is supported by a team that combines expertise while respecting a CSR policy, which is essential to the economic model of a disability-friendly company.

STS Groupe, a socially responsible company

As an approved “Entreprise Adaptée” (disability-friendly company) since 1988, 80% of the employees of STS Groupe working in the aerospace and industrial sub-contracting sectors have a recognised disability.

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